Finding Balance Through Focus

This month’s theme at The Better Mom is finding balance.  Whew, that’s a big one.  I struggle with that every day.

Top loving lots of babies, keeping a house, feeding everyone, part time work, part time entrepreneur and part time homeschool with a bit of mom guilt and what ELSE the world says I need to be doing; you’ve got a bit of a struggle with balance there.

I get emails from sweet moms asking how I do it all.  “How do you keep it all together?”  And my answer is, “I don’t.”  Things are messy around here.  Sometimes things get left out or forgotten, but we daily seek Jesus and we try to give each other grace.  I have  a long way to go before I achieve perfection as a mother…ok, I’ll never get there.

But, I can still strive for balance.  I can still ask God what He has for me today and press on.  I can narrow my focus.  You’ll find more on focus over at The Better Mom today.  Thank you for joining me there.


Things you never thought you’d hear before you became a parent:

Bella (5) and Luke (3) are playing hide and seek. Bella takes off to hide and the next thing I hear is Luke yelling at the top of his lungs as he runs after her:

“That’s MY penis, Bella!”

Assuming there’s a logical explanation for this I catch Bella on the way back.

Mommy: What’s Luke yelling about?
Bella: I took his peanuts, mom.
Mommy: Oh that’s a relief. I mean, (stern voice to cover laughter) you should probably give them back to him.
Bella: (strange look at me before running off again) Okay, mom!