Moving To A New Spot For Now

My friends, my friends.  Some of you have been with me for a long time.

You came when it was just me writing my brains out.  Talking about anger and messes and trying to raise heaps of babies.

You stayed when I added contributors and we wrote during the last year.

And maybe you wondered what happened, maybe you didn’t, but this space has been quiet for quite some time now.

I’m so grateful for the girls who came on and wrote with me.  I’m thankful for their friendship and their shared vision.  I’m hopeful that we’ll be writing again together soon but…

the plain truth is that I can’t keep this site up right now.

My design company, Sandy Feet Media,  has been blessed.  I’m designing, I’m consulting locally, and I’m able to start making an income for our family.  I’m also working part-time to help fill in some gaps.

That means I’m having a hard time keeping up with everything (my design site has needed an upgrade for MONTHS and still hasn’t gotten one – isn’t there some saying about the plumber’s house?).  Also there’s the laundry…but that should keep a bit longer…

So I’m taking a break from One Fun Mom for now.

If you’d like to see what I’m up to, I’m trying to keep blogging – looking for my own voice, over at  I’m adding more printables and linking to an Etsy account and writing about life with all of these sweeties.  Please join me over there and subscribe for updates.  Promise I’ll let you know when we decide what we’re doing with One Fun Mom!!!

Also, at The Better Mom this month we’re all introducing ourselves a bit.  Here’s a link to what I have to say!  And here’s a Mother’s Day pic of me and my loves (you try to get five kids to look in one place at the same time!).

Me and Kids Mother's Day

Graduation Is Here! {free printables}

It was hot here this week.  It reminded me that summer is just around the corner and with summer, lots of graduations.

I don’t have any kids graduating yet (well, one is graduating from kindergarten…), but I can imagine it’s a bittersweet time for moms.

We’re happy:  hey, he {we} did it!

We’re sad:  hey, she’s leaving now.

We’re excited:  you are an amazing young man.

We’re nostalgic:  where did the time go?

I know that as a grad myself, I appreciated hearing the good feelings.  I couldn’t process anything else from my family because I was too engrossed in processing my own stuff.

The best gift you can give your grad this year is support and encouragement.  Save the sad mushy stuff for after he’s gone. You can do it!

And over at The Better Mom today I have two free graduation printables.  One for guys and one for girls!  Hop over to print one up as a gift, or as a centerpiece for grad parties!

Get these two 8×10 images at The Better Mom.

You can also look at my free printable for graduating guys or find customizable graduation posters at my new Etsy Shop!