Do Babies Look Like their Parents?

The most frequent questions that pops up in a pregnant mother’s mind is what the baby she’s expecting will appear like. From the moment we discover that we are expecting until the baby is placed within our grasp, the majority of mothers will be spending hours thinking about what their baby will look like. A majority of babies look like mommy, or similar to dad or perhaps an sometimes a mix of both. However there are babies who come out with a look that is completely unexpected!

There are plenty of elements that influence the baby’s appear like. Here are a few of the most popular aspects that will determine the way your baby appears when they present themselves to the world.

7 Things that influence your Baby’s Image


Everybody knows that DNA plays a role in the appearance of your baby. But it is a complicated subject. Every aspect of hair coloring, eyes color height, weight, and height to the position of freckles or dimples could be influenced by your and your companion’s (or either!) DNA. And while, in most cases, dominant genes prevail in the battle for DNA every once in a while recessive genes will appear out of the blue and amaze everyone!


Although certain studies indicate that a little amount of alcohol once and then is acceptable for women who are pregnant There is a possibility that any drinking alcohol could lead to Fetal Alcohol SyndromeThe condition can cause a developing fetus be born with distinctive facial appearances , including tiny eyes or lips that are thin. It also can affect the child’s development and cognitive capabilities.

Healthy Habits

Moms who aren’t exercising and dietary choices during pregnancy could affect the likelihood that their child will arrive with an ideal weight. Studies have shown that moms who are overweight have a higher chance to have infants who later become overweight. As soon as you discover that you’re expecting (and perhaps before! ) ensure that you’re making healthy, balanced food choices. Don’t forget to exercise!


Vitamins for pregnant women are essential for many reasons. One supplement, specifically, could impact the appearance of the baby more than the others. Folate is essential in helping form the spine of your baby. Folate is essential in helping form the spine of your baby. folate deficit can lead to spina bifida.


Studies have demonstrated that drinking too much caffeine can affect the baby’s birth weight, resulting in babies that are thinner and smaller than the average when born. It is recommended to limit your consumption of caffeine to one cup of coffee per every day, or even less.


A long-term trip on the plane could expose pregnant mothers to dangerous doses in radiation. As you’re able to imagine, radiation isn’t recommended for the developing baby and may alter the appearance of your baby. The idea of traveling while pregnant is to be safe for women of all ages, but.

Family Histories

The family history of your parents can play a an impact on how your baby appears. As with recessive genes, certain inheritable genes can lay “dormant” and “skip” the generations and then suddenly appear to shock families at the time they most likely don’t!

While it’s impossible to know the exact way your baby will look like until the time he’s born Here are a few ways to impact the appearance of your baby. As a mother of two I was shocked to learn that my daughter was born with the exact same look as my husband but still had my own unique personality. However my son was my miniature me with daddy’s infectious humor and charm. One of the most enjoyable things about being a parent is, in my opinion, being awed by the amazing tiny human beings that you and your partner created. They grow and change every day, so try to take time to appreciate every moment!

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  2. whoah this blog is wonderful i really like reading your articles. Keep up the great paintings! You realize, a lot of people are hunting round for this info, you could help them greatly.


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