Redeeming TV Events for Community

watching the game together: redeeming TV events for community

That big football game is coming up, and while some of you may not tend to care about it all that much, I’m here to invite you to reconsider.

I always enjoy it for the most part– the commercials are entertaining, it gives me a reason to indulge in yummy snacks, and oh yeah, there’s football! Now I may be a pretty sporty girl, but the reason why I get excited about this particular event isn’t because of the game itself, no matter how thrilling it may be.  Rather, it’s because whether my home team is playing or not, it’s a great opportunity to gather with friends and family.

Planning a Superb Owl party, as we like to call it (the name is trademarked after all), is a perfect example of finding any excuse possible to bring our communities together for some low-pressure fun.

TV gets a bad rap sometimes, but special events are really a great way to redeem pop culture for good. If football’s really not your thing, then maybe consider the upcoming Olympics Opening Ceremonies, the Oscars, or a favorite show’s premiere. All of these would make a fun setting for a get-together.

A formal dinner party has its place of course, but coming together for a TV event makes your hosting rather easy. Here’s how.

  • Your theme is built in if you want one!
  • Intense meal planning not required– guests can each bring a dish to share for an eclectic smorgasbord.
  • The casual atmosphere makes inviting neighbors or new friends you don’t know well less intimidating.
  • The entertainment is built in, but it’s laid back enough to provide opportunities for conversation as well.

The more we take advantage of opportunities to open our home, the more chances we get to serve and minister to one another, and at the same time, create meaningful relationships. We get to know people’s interests and see them for who they really are when we spend time with them in a relaxed atmosphere.

Special TV events are just one more way to open our home and our hearts and embrace the blessings of community and fellowship.

Do you have a heart for community? I recently put together a calendar with 31 prompts for praying for our community, that’s free to download.

 xoxo, Nicole


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  1. Honestly, I love any events which involve having people over and socializing and eating together. We tried this last year with the Super Bowl and it was great fun.

    However, I don’t know if its just because we don’t have cable anymore and rarely watch our digital bunny ears and so aren’t used to commercials, but we will not be watching the Super Bowl again. There were some really terrible commercials that I was embarrassed to be watching with adults, let alone my kids. (Go Daddy make out commercial anyone?). The half time show was possibly worse.

    I agree that we can redeem TV events, but somewhere one has to draw the line. I think after last year our family needs to draw it with the Super Bowl.

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