How-To Hair Styles For Toddler Girls {Part 3}: the French Ponytail

Welcome to the third post in my Toddler Girls Hairstyles.  I realize that to some of you doing hair is ridiculously easy and you can’t imagine why anyone would need a how-to…well, I always need a how-to when it comes to hair and I figure there’s probably at least one more person out there like me!

Part 1 {intro & toddler hair basics}

Part 2  {collage of hair style ideas}

Today I bring you a little step-by-step guide to the French ponytail.  This style works especially well when the hair is wet.  Once dry it stays tight longer.

Toddler Girl French Ponytail

1.  comb out the hair and part the entire section you wish to use

2.  section out the top section and comb through

3.  secure the hair band tightly

4.  repeat steps 2 & 3 with each ponytail


  • comb out the ponytail after you’re done; this will hopefully help the hair to look calm once dry. :)
  • while putting in the ponytails, try to hold them as close to the head as possible so they stay tight and don’t pop out when you’re done.


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  1. Being a mom of little girls….I love these posts! Thanks for sharing new ideas :)

  2. LOVE the French ponytail!!! Trying this on my 2 year old tomorrow when grandma & grandpa take her out!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas! I too am good with “boy hair” and need some inspiration!
    Lori recently posted..Baby Shower Invitation :)My Profile

  4. Thanks for the idea’s I am a Tom boy and have trouble styling my own hair lol this was a big help. Now I just have to perfect it as the first time I tried it I was impressed with myself lol

  5. Thanks for this! I have 2 little girls and I’m not very good at doing hair. I feel accomplished to get my toddlers in a ponytail or messy bun thing that she believes is the real deal. It’s always good to see tutorials and know I’m not alone in the hair struggle!


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