Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your House & Keeping Your Temper

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It would be so easy to keep my home running smoothly and provide all meals if I could make a plan in the morning and stick to it.  If there were no outside forces working in my little world, my house would be in the Martha Stewart magazine every month.

Enter four children.  And a fifth on the way.

Four kids

Honestly, I can’t even get a shower in the morning without 16 interruptions {and one or two little “shower hitch-hikers” running around in the bottom of the tub}.  Even if I leave detailed instructions for what they should be doing during the ten minute shower I am plagued with heads popping in:  “Mom, he won’t clear the table.” “Mom, can we watch another show?”  “Mom, I can’t find my shorts.” etc. etc.

These are brutal outside forces, when it comes to keeping house.

So how can I juggle all of my “jobs” as homemaker AND not lose my temper when these sweet children need attention?

Some questions to ask {a printable is available at the end of this post}:

  1. Do I get angry with my kids/speak to them in frustration?
  2. What sets me off?
  3. What do they do that irritates me the most?
  4. Do I have outside stressors?
  5. Do I have a family history of anger/angry reactions?
  6. What season am I in?  (toddlers, babies, older children, all ages, ?)
  7. What are my expectations of myself?
  8. What are my expectations of my children?
  9. Are my expectations realistic?

There are so many factors here it’s crazy.  I’ve noticed in my own life it often comes down to selfishness.

But it can also be outside factors not really related to your children:  finances, marriage, extended family, or just being really busy are some common stresses.

How do I keep my house/get my jobs done, and be patient with my kids?

  • prioritize: what are my priorities as a mother and homemaker?   (aside from God & my husband) 

children, home, meals, activities, ministries, work

  • make a plan

there are a million ideas for homemaking binders, cleaning schedules, menu plans, homeschool schedules, chores – most of them FREE!  We need to use them!

  • be proactive

assign and teach our children chores they need to do,  explain to them what you expect in every circumstance:

“We are going to the store, this is how you need to act, this is what will happen if you don’t act that way.”

“I am taking my shower, this is what you need to do, this is what will happen if you don’t do that.”

  • make time for yourself.

Are you able to exercise?  Do you have any designated time to yourself to just think/walk/enjoy/craft/hobby?

Try not to play the victim.  Brainstorm some things you might like to do and ask around…if your husband isn’t able to help you with the kids, trade childcare with a friend, find an older neighbor who can watch your kids for a bit, get creative.

I have a girlfriend who loved to scrapbook.  She found another friend who enjoyed it too, and for years during the summer they would get all the kids together, let them play, and scrapbook one day a week.

  • give yourself grace
  • learn more about mothering


Chore Training/Chore Assignments

Managers of their Chores

Age-Appropriate Chore List {Amy @ Raising Mighty Arrows}

Homemaking Help

Creating Your Daily Schedule/Homemaking Notebook {a post of mine}

Money Saving Mom  {Crystal}

Quick Easy Cheap & Healthy {Anne}

Organizing Made Fun {Becky}

Cajun Joie de Vivre {Amy Bayliss}


Embracing Your Role As Wife And Mom for What It Is {Ruth @ Gracelaced}

Cultivating A Heart For Motherhood {Joy @ Grace Full Mama}

Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Revised and Updated

Mom Heart Online {Sally Clarkson’s contributor blog}

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Grace for the Good Girl: Letting Go of the Try-Hard Life  {Emily @ Chatting at the Sky}

Fun & Practical Real-Life Managing of Family:

Smockity Frocks


My series on Anger & Children

Give Grace In The Moment {The Better Mom}

How To Exercise & Be A Mom {a post of mine}

Peak 313 {Clare}

below is a printable to help you think through some of the questions asked above!

Keep Your House AND Your Temper

* I am currently starting a series on a book called “She’s Gonna Blow”.  If reacting in anger is something you struggle with, consider joining those of us who are reading it!

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  1. Great advice! Thanks. :)
    Jenni Mullinix recently posted..Pinterest Party Announcement + Thrive @ Home Link-UpMy Profile

  2. Thanks for sharing all these links!

  3. maddalena70 says:

    Christy very insteresting and usefull as usual…… and the posts that we can read in the various arguments very depp…

    I am going to read all of them…… I really need it in tnis season of my life…….



  4. Colleen P says:

    With all the planning for homeschool schedule, I often overlook planning for the housework. These are great suggestions for helping keep my temper and my sanity.

    • And I am kind of the opposite, Colleen! I tend to do more household planning and less homeschool planning…maybe we can both even it out this school year!

  5. I wake up every morning and say, “I will not yell today!” and guess what, I do well till I get out of bed!

    I love the part about Grace!

    Great post!
    Susann recently posted..The Kids Veggie Garden -Despite all OddsMy Profile

  6. Thank you! There is so much to consider in your post and so many great resources. Thank you for so much time and thought :-)

  7. Love this so much! Thank you. I will especially look into the book you suggested. When I lay in bed at night I always feel like I’m the worst mother in the world. I’m thankful to know I’m not the only one with these struggles.

  8. Thanks for all this great advice. The book Training Your Child’s Heart had such an influence on me and I always recommend it to other moms.

  9. I did read the “She’s Gonna Blow” book by Julie Ann Barnhill as well as two of her other books:
    “Scandalous Grace” and “Motherhood: The Guilt That Keeps on Giving.” All excellent books!! That makes me wonder: has she written more books since those were published? I’ll have to do an online search and find out.

  10. I am loving all these ultimate guides !!!


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