She’s Gonna Blow: Intro & Reading Schedule

She's Gonna Blow Read AlongI finally got my hands on a copy of She’s Gonna Blow! and have to say I am very excited to read through this book! (copies are on the way to the winners).  It was no small feat, but once I got my hands on a copy I came home and browsed through the book.  I am pretty impressed with how in-depth Ms. Barnhill goes, and the transparent things she shares.

I have regrets about the first few years of my oldest children’s lives.  I’m sad that I had such high expectations.  I’m sad that I didn’t do more reading and research on how to guide and train small children.  And I’m sad that I used so much control and perfectionism in their wee years.  I’m sad about the way I treated them and how I spoke to them.

I wish God gave us “practice children”.  A mechanical child that grows and has a personality for me to learn on.  Where’s that baby?

My eyes have been opened in a number of different ways and I am thankful that God has brought me on this road.

I admit to my children when I speak to them inappropriately and I ask their forgiveness.  I strive to know and guide their hearts instead of make them follow rules.  And {brace yourself}, generally I let them go out of the house wearing whatever they want, providing it’s not completely unacceptable to the occasion.

{side note:  One boy might have gone to church this morning in camo shorts and an old T-shirt with a hole in the shoulder.  Camo shorts with a zipper that stays down perpetually, no less.  It must be said this was through no fault of his own, but rather his self-proclaimed perfectionist mother – who finds that the sheer number of children now in her care make perfectionism a long-ago reality.}

I’ve come so far, yet I’ve got so far to go.

I still get angry.  I still let outside circumstances influence how I react or speak to my children.  I still lose my patience.

I’m ready to find more answers, and I think you are too!!!!

I’ve attached the reading schedule for the book.  Feel free to print it out and check back weekly as we learn more about working through our anger as mothers.

 * Have you gotten the book yet?  Is there a section you’re looking forward to the most?

Print up the reading schedule here:

Reading Schedule for "She's Gonna Blow!"

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  1. Hi Christy, I wish I could have read along with you but summer was just to busy. I’ve finally gotten the book and I’m glad that you’ve posted your thoughts so I won’t miss a thing. Thank you for everything! I really appreciate your blog! You’re a true blessing to me!

    • Hi Corinne, I’m so glad you’re able to start the book. Whenever you start is great! Feel free to keep commenting as you go – and I always check my emails if you have questions or need encouragement.

  2. New to your blog… just found this post… where do I find this book?
    Do Christian bookstores sale this book? I need it in a BAD WAY! I am exactly where you are in this post. I want to change and need help to do so.

    Groovewoman recently posted..Word-Filled Wednesday – Gonna Be A Good Year!My Profile

    • Hi! You can find it at some Christian book stores. You can also order it from Amazon. I can totally relate to where you are and know that your open spirit is the first step to healing!!!


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