{Day 4} Purging Our Homes

5 days series

I don’t know about you, but every time I drop a load off at the local thrift shop I feel so much lighter.  Same with those times I unload a piece of furniture from Craigslist.  Yes!  A bit more space around here.  A bit less clutter.

We moved into our house in June and maybe didn’t finish unpacking.  That might have something to do with the fact that at the time I was still in the throes of first-trimester-misery.  Directly following that we got busy with summer fun.  Here are some of the remaining “problem” areas:

Messy Office

Part of the office that my husband and I share.  Totally functional.

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning out & unpacking this room (mostly to get ready for the new school year) and it feels so much better.  I was amazed:  we had actually packed up three boxes of junk and moved them from one house to another.  I threw away almost everything in those boxes.  Yikes.

Messy Bedroom from moving

Since we moved, I’ve been throwing kids’ clothes that no longer fit into this pile in a corner of my room.  Along with luggage, extra pillows, and whatnot.  You can see that my drawers are also packed full.  I ended up getting rid of 50% of the things in them.

When I finally went through it all I sent most of the clothes to the thrift shop and it took about five minutes to get the other things put away.   Wish I had done that 2 months ago!

moving boxesThese are boxes of maternity clothes and bathroom storage that I didn’t even manage to tackle yesterday.  I would like a dresser to go here, but it’s not gonna happen with boxes in the way!

My point today is to encourage you.  Chances are, you have some areas similar to this around your house.  You might not have as much, but there might be counter tops or kids’ drawers that make you cringe when you walk by.  I just want to remind you how good it feels to have those places clean.

And I also want to stress the difference between organizing and purging.  Organizing feels good, especially when you’ve organized things you truly need or can’t get rid of (think Grandma’s doll collection).

Purging feels great.  I could have just organized the things in my drawers or office, but it would have just been making a bunch of junk look a little neater. It feels so free to not have so much stuff in my room!

Here are some great websites that will help you maybe even make money off the things your purging:

  • half.com   sell old books, movies, CDs, games (just made my first sale this week!  It might take time, though, unless you have a lot of stuff to sell)
  • paperback swap  trade your books for points and then use your points to buy other books you want!
  • freecycle  networks of people in different towns who are giving/getting things without exchanging money
  • check for facebook groups in your area that trade fruits/veggies or where you can list items for selling
  • I also have friends who just post pics on Facebook of what they’re trying to sell and add a price.  A totally easy way to get the word out about what you want to sell!

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  1. What a great list! Thank you!!
    Brenda @Triple Braided recently posted..Back-to-School in Peace :: What Your Child’s Teacher Doesn’t Tell YouMy Profile

  2. Kory Graham says:

    Great reminders and so comforting to see other people’s offices look just like ours;) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kory Graham says:

    Also, wanted to add-LOVE the reminder about the difference between organizing and purging. I tend to try to organize, need to do more purging instead:)

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