Simplify Your Summer Daytrips! {& Link-Up}

We do a lot of daytrips around here.  Right now, we’re fortunate to live 10 minutes from the beach, but growing up we lived inland and my mom still planned to get us to water once a week.  (I remember going to the lake every Friday, and it was our favorite day of the week!)

summer beach trip

I try to plan at least two day trips a week using my daily/weekly and monthly planning calendars!

When I do day trips without my husband, I have to simplify what I might be tempted to bring if I had more arms and more strength.

Here are my “rules”:

  • only bring what my peeps can carry (even though my boys are strong, they can’t lug an ice chest.)
  • no ice chests, but an insulated lunch box for our perishables loaded into a Trader Joe’s recyclable bag
  • one water bottle per person
  • if there’s a baby {and there usually is :) }, I put them in the carrier or an all-terrain stroller
  • one bucket full of sand toys, if someone wants to carry it
  • I bring an old queen-sized sheet for sitting on.  Almost anyone in the family can carry it because it’s light.  Even my four year old.  But I have seen handy back-pack chairs.  Those would work if you have a spare back!
  • when a child wants to bring something “extra”, they must be able to carry it in addition to whatever family essentials they are carrying.


  • I pack our lunch into a Trader Joe’s recyclable bag.  If I have room, I like to use Tupperware for sandwiches and things like chips.  This keeps a whole chip bag from being polluted when the baby dumps handfulls of sand in.  And it keeps sandwiches appetizingly de-squished.  (this does add to clean-up, though, so you have to decide which you would rather:  baggies you can throw away or un-squishy sammies…I believe I shared my choice).
  • teach the kids to carry their towels around their shoulders once they’re old enough not to trip on them.  This will save you tons of beach bag room!
  • try to do as much as you can the night before so you aren’t late to meet your friend and you aren’t frustrated herding the kids out the door.   I’ve been working at prepping breakfast and lunch the night before – or getting up early.  Who wants to start a FunSummer outing all grumpy?


Time for our Thursday Fun Summer link up!  Since we missed last week, link any post from the last two weeks to do with summertime!

I’ll pin a few posts from each link-up!

Don’t forget, if you join the link up, please add the Fun Summer Button to your post so others can find us here (find it in the sidebar)! And be sure to visit other links!

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  1. Great tips! I have to admit my “day trips” so far this summer have only been down to the Farm to visit my parents. I don’t have to pack a whole lot for that. lol Thanks for linking up to Thrive @ Home Thursday! :)
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