Part-Time Home School

Here’s my confession:  we home-school part time.

Why is that a confession?  School House

Because when you cross over from the full-time home school community you can get persnickety looks and maybe hear a snigger of “we are real home schoolers”.  Not from everyone, but some.

I know I shouldn’t mind what others say, but I do sometimes.  I’m human.

What is part-time home school anyway?

It means we are fortunate enough have a school where my boys can go two days a week.  It’s built on the classical model and is part of the public school system.  But most of the teachers are Christians and I’ve been assured by the founder that they will not teach evolution or other issues that a Christian mother would question.  Of course, I keep my eyes and ears open, just in case.

Some people will say I’m making a bad decision.  Some because they think full-time homes chool is the way to go.  Others because I’m not putting the kids in school full-time.

I’m never quite sure what to do.  What IS best?

I’m usually sure I want my boys home at least part-time.  I rarely think about sending them to school full-time.

Some days I wake up and wonder if I’ll regret not keeping them home every day.

Some days I don’t.

I found this curriculum, My Father’s World.  And I dream of using it with my boys.  But it is for full-time homeschoolers.  Which I’m not.  Right now.

Maybe next year we’ll change our minds.  Maybe next year we’ll re-evaluate.

This year I’m having a baby and my kids really want to go to school and I don’t want to stand in their way.

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  1. “Best” is what you pray about and what God shows you to do in this season. :) You are doing great, mama!!!

  2. Christy, I have a friend who does this as well and she is happy as she can be. To be honest, if I had the chance I would because I think it’s the best of both worlds. Right now we do a blended thing as well where we go to Classical Conversations once a week for group class and to a Community Bible Study one day a week for biblical training as a group as well, so it’s kind of what you do except I’m with them. Don’t let anyone tell you what is best for your kids. You do what you have to do and do it to the best of your ability. That’s all that is required of you by Him who entrusted YOU this children.

    Love you, friend.

  3. I think it all depends on your situation. There are some places where I would be hesitant to send my kids to school but in our current situation it works out to have my son in elementary school. I’m doing some very relaxed “homeschooling” with my preschooler this year. So far, things have gone very well, so we just take one year at a time!

    You’re doing as the Lord has directed you at this time and that’s wonderful!

  4. I think you could still do MFW “part time” the curriculum is pretty laid back these early years and it’s designed to do 4 days a week. Some days are so “light” that you could easily double up….we don’t do it part time, but with the craziness of our life this year we got waaay “behind” and that’s what I did. :)

  5. We Love MFW and we did that same sort of Homeschooling when I first started homeschooling. It was great, especially for me a new homeschooler. We eventually brought them home fulltime and MFW was a great program to use. It is just enough without being too much. You will know what is best for your kids, it is not the same for every one. We loved our cottage school, but ran into some issues that brought us home which we now know we love more. I do often crave those 2 days off, but God has me here for now and we would not have it any other way.

  6. Julie Marie says:

    I would jump at the chance to do part time home school! I wish they had that in my neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Can’t believe how much you get inside my brain :)
    Thankful to have you for a friend…you so “get” it.
    I was just thinking about all this last week…thankful we share the part-time-home-schooler bond too.

    P.S. How did I miss this post until now??? I’m still learning my new site and my sidebar is gone that shows me when people update. I need a new system :)

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