The Purse-onality Challenge and Giveaway

Today I’m excited to introduce you to Cheri Gregory.  Cheri is starting an amazing purse-onality challenge (beginning May 1st) that will focus on fine-tuning our personalities as well as encourage us to live in the Scriptures.  As we focus on developing healthier bodies through our detox and weight loss series, why not also focus on our spiritual health!?

Purse-onality Challenge journal

Cheri joins us this morning to explain more about the challenge:

Complaint-Free: Who Me?

As I thumbed through a copy of A Complaint-Free World five years agoI considered myself the most optimistic, positive, encouraging (and obviously humble) person I knew.

In fact, I joked to my husband that we needed to buy two (maybe three) dozen copies to give the long list of negative people in my life who drag me down with their never-ending complaints, criticism, and gossip.

Than I read a little farther. And the author had the nerve to suggest that of all the negative people in my life, I might be the worst of the worst!

That. Made. Me. Mad.

So I decided to take the author’s Complaint-Free challenge: 21 days with no complaining. Just to prove how wrong he was, I even ordered his silly little purple bracelet.

The instructions were simple:  I was to start each day with the bracelet on my left wrist. As soon as I caught myself complaining, criticizing, or gossiping, I was to move the bracelet to the other wrist.

For accountability, I told my students what I was doing.

Big mistake.

Did my students ever warm up to the “challenge.” In the first class, my bracelet switched arms five times in just three minutes!

The shocker was that each time took me totally by surprise. I wasn’t even thinking critical thoughts, when suddenly, “Mrs. G? Is that complaining I hear?”

I soon discovered that my optimistic self-image resembled reality the way a chick flick resembles marriage: hardly at all.

Sound Familiar?

Maybe you’ve experienced some of the same warning signs I have. See if you identify with any of the following statements:

  •  “My life would be much easier without the negative people who drag me down.
  •  “I speak Sarcasm fluently.”
  •  “When I see a type-o on a sign, I have to point it out to someone.”
  •  “I’m surrounded by difficult people at work and/or at home.”
  •  “It’s not really gossip; everything we say about her is true.”
  •  “There’s an impossible person in my life who will never change.”
  •  “I struggle with anxiety, fear, and/or depression.”
  •  “Negative things people have said keep popping back into my mind.”

If two or more sound familiar, you’re invited to take The PURSE-onality Challenge

 What is The PURSE-onality Challenge?

Quite literally, it’s 31 days of replacing “baditude” with God’s word and gratitude, May 1-31 (with a warm-up week starting April 22.)

I’ve tried the Complaint-Free challenge many times in the last five years. But just trying to stop old bad habits was never enough; I needed to start new ones to replace the old.

So for one month, we’ll be focusing on four positive habits: spotlighting Personality strengths, eliminating complaints, journaling gratitude, and memorizing scripture.

 Take The PURSE-onality Challenge if…

…you feel convicted to change your thoughts and words.

…you’re at your wit’s end with a particular relationship.

…you desire more hope, joy, and peace in your life.

Check out our website to sign up!

You’ll also find three free audio messages:

Let’s Get PURSE-onal!

Personality Puzzle for Parents of Preschoolers &

Healthy Marriages Major in History (NOT Math!) 

plus a free e-Book: Top 10 Priceless Gifts that Don’t Cost a Dime for Each PURSE-onality!

 Now for the Purse-onality Giveaway!

Purse-onality Challenge Journal & Verse cards

I received a journal and laminated Bible verse cards from Cheri.  I love them.  The journal not only includes space to journal each day of the challenge, but bonus materials from Cheri on her own journey and personality types.

sturdy Bible verse cards

The verse cards are all laminated and come in a cute little bag that’s easy to open and close.  Each card is completely different from the other with images from nature and cute design to make a girl want to read it!

go-anywhere Bible verse cards

I can keep the cards on the kitchen counter for easy access, in my pocket, or easily slip them in my purse!  (These flow right along with a post I wrote for The Better Mom on taking our thoughts captive!)

I’ve already signed up to get the Purse-onality posts emailed to me throughout May.

*this giveaway ends Sunday, April 29th.  Winners announced April 30th.

The winner is Nicole!!  Nicole, you will be emailed with directions on how to claim your prize.

Cheri Gregory from the Purse-onality ChallengeCheri Gregory has been married to her pastor/teacher/musician college sweetheart, Daniel, for 23 years. The Gregorys are enjoying their newly “empty nest,” now that Jonathon (19) has joined Annemarie (21) at college. Cheri is a high school English teacher and Christian speaker/author. Connect with her via Facebook,, and

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  1. I’d love to change my attitude and speech during this last… very tricky and emotional… trimester in pregnancy! I want to learn to submit my emotions to the will of the Father instead of using them as an excuse to be rude or complaining!

  2. I would like to work on being content with the present and quit saying it will be easier when …..

  3. Wow, that’s bravery to let students in on the challenge. Loved that story! Thanks for giving me new perspective to watch what I say.
    Heather@Creative Family Moments recently posted..What’s NextMy Profile

  4. I’d love to learn not to be a salve to my emotions and stay in control of my tongue.

  5. I just completed the bible study by Beth Moore on James…very convicting and I believe this is a very helpful follow-up to what I need to change!!

  6. The changes I’d most want to see in my life from taking The PURSE-onality Challenge is to have my knee jerk reaction be one of praise. Whatsoever is praiseworthy. I want to see the positive and mention that instead of focusing on what I can be critical of. I want to build up others not tear them down.

  7. I need to just not complain, but also to replace with a healthy habit of thankfulness! I want to be a more positive person.

  8. I would like to change my attitude on how I treat others and to learn to not be negative about some aspects and know I can’t control everything.

  9. This challenge is perfect timing for me! I get in a funk and get out and just days later, I’m back in it again. I’m ready to get out and stay out! No more complaining, worrying, depression, hello to complete joy in all things – even in those not so perfect circumstances! I choose joy but need help to do it! Praying this challenge will do just that! Thank you!

  10. I want my words and actions to be uplifting and encouraging to those around me. I want to be a reflection of the God I serve. It’s easy to say the negative things that come to mind but never even think to be positive. I want this challenge to make positive words a more natural thing

  11. I catch myself all the time being negative and would really like to change. This would be a great challenge. Would love to win the “accessories”. thanks.

  12. everything that helps me grow, is a SURE thing to step forward in DOING!

  13. I would love to learn to “bridle my tongue” in those little everyday moments. And to better deal with MIL!!

  14. Christina Bates says:

    I want to learn to really give thanks in ALL things, not just accept them. I am working on changing my physical body so I can be healthier and do more things. After reading this I realized I NEED to work on the spiritual me too. Only then will I really be able to do more things! Thank you for posting this challenge!

  15. Julie Marie says:

    I want to develop an instinct to stay positive and say positive things…right now I feel like I am constantly apologizing for what flies out of my mouth….”may the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer” Ps 19:14

  16. I would like to be more joyful/cheerful to my family :)

  17. I would like to gain freedom in my negative attitude and complaining that i feel a slave too. I also struggle with worry and fear. I plan to join this challenge!


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