Full Body Detox! {Week 2, Day 8}

Good morning!!!!  I must say this detox is rewarding much earlier than my last one.  To summarize, several of us are “detoxing” using Trader Joe’s Complete Body Cleanse.  If you’re new to these posts, you can read the details at the 14 Days of Full Body Detox page. 

full body detox weight loss challenge

In addition to posts on the detox, I’ve started up a Facebook group for those of us wanting to give and receive encouragement during our weight loss.  This morning I thought we’d all benefit from some of the group members’ feedback relating specifically to the 14 day Complete Body Cleanse kit from Trader Joe’s.

 1. Have you lost weight? If so, how much?

So far, ladies have lost anywhere from 2.5-5 pounds!!!!

2. Do you feel different? In what way?

{note: around days 2-4 most of us were quite bloated and not feeling like our bodies were actively “cleansing”}


  • I feel less bloated now than I did earlier in the week and not as tired. I’m surprised I wasn’t in the bathroom more often (I really thought I wouldn’t be able to leave the house for a long period of time).
  • I don’t feel bloated anymore. I’m surprised by the difference in how I feel without the bloat.
  • I feel really “clean” inside. It’s weird. I don’t know how to explain it.  I have more energy and my skin is a lot more clear.  Not sure if that is all the extra water (which I would totally recommend) or because I’m not eating dairy, or the supplements?
  • Starting to feel more energetic. Getting off the sugar was tricky! In the last couple days, I feel like I am turning a good corner. Not as bloated and hungry. Yay!
  • I feel more able to resist…treats and unhealthy foods…it’s easier to remember that they don’t actually make me feel that good.


3. Have you been surprised by anything? If so, what?

  • I’m surprised I wasn’t in the bathroom more often (I really thought I wouldn’t be able to leave the house for a long period of time).
  • I’m surprised that I don’t feel bloated (especially with all that fiber) It’s a nice feeling to not be carrying around extra bloat…also look better in jeans without a giant bloated muffin top out there. 
  • I thought for sure those supplements would make me feel sick, and they didn’t.
  • I am surprised by how quickly I can feel full after eating and how long it lasts. I don’t feel those hunger pangs or spikes that I used to. Another Yay!


4. If a friend was going to do the detox, what advice would you give her?

  • I would tell someone to be patient and take it one day at a time, if you have a bad day don’t stress about it and get upset with your self start again the next day (we all have bad days).
  • Advice: avoid the dairy WITH YOUR LIFE.
  • My advice would be to really try to stick to the diet guidelines. It’s hard, but I can tell that it is worth it.


5. What are you looking forward to in the week ahead?

  • I’m looking forward to seeing if I lose more weight and just seeing what happens.
  • I’m interested in seeing what week 2 is like..more lbs lost?
  • In the next week I look forward to more of the same. (weight loss and no bloating!)


6. Specific reactions that have happened to you?

  • The only reaction I can think of is that I felt really bloated “stuffed” about the middle of the week, but that went away. And I wasn’t as hungry :)  (quite a few ladies noted the bloated feeling)
  • My face broke out, which is not normal for me. Can toxins leave that way too? I suppose so. I never felt sick, but was bloated for the first 4 days.

To summarize,  I think the most popular word was “bloated”.  Most of us had significant bloating and what felt like blockage in the middle of the first week, but you can see that it passed and it sounds like everyone is generally feeling more healthy and clean!

On to Week 2!!!

* for more recent weight loss posts, check out my series on How I Lose the {baby} Weight.

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  1. Beautiful Angel says:

    Hi! I started the Trader Joems body cleanse and im excited that its working for you. Reading your posts has given me the fortitude to do it and finish well. I dont like the idea of drinking 12 tablets. im in day 3 today and i feel energetic than usual and clean. Im on the cleanse cos I want to heal myself, become more energetic and have clear skin. so far, im suprised! its working.

  2. Hi Christy, I’m on Day 3 of the cleanse and I have experienced some bloating. I thought I would be in the bathroom more often, but surprisingly it’s been less often than usual (so far). Did anyone else have this reaction?

    • Hi Sandy! Yes, that was the general consensus during the diet. Everyone noticed a lot of bloating during the middle of the first week and less bathroom time than expected. Eventually things get moving and most of us noticed a lighter feeling by the end of the week. How are things going now?

  3. I too am on the Body Cleanse. But considering the long list of what NOT to eat while on this diet. So what do your meals look like?

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