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I’m not a dieter.  You should know that right now.  I fully subscribe to the idea that eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and being active is the best way to maintain weight.

But there is a time for diets.  For me that’s after babies are born.  Lose the "baby" weight

Okay, not exactly after they’re born..more like 1-2 years.  The baby pictured above is obviously more of a toddler now.  But we’ll call her a baby so I don’t feel so bad.

There comes a moment when babies are no longer babies and I look at myself squeezing into my jeans in the mirror and say, “It’s time.”

That moment happened two days ago.

When it is time to lose that weight, I usually go extreme.  I did the South Beach diet once for 10 days.  It stunk, but I lost 10 pounds.  Then I began eating more realistically and lost 20 more pounds.

After my third baby I did the most extreme diet I will ever do.  For eight days I ate nothing.  I drank this crazy lemon juice consisting of water, lemons, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup and drank 2 quarts of salt water every morning.  Yikes.  It’s called the Master Cleanse or Lemonade Detox and while I didn’t experience any detox miracles, I did lose 12 pounds.  I then continued to lose 20 more pounds over the next several months by counting calories.  You can read my Master Cleanse journal here.

This time, I want to see if you’re interested in joining me.

What do you think?  It’ll be so fun to do it together!  (Well, more fun than doing it alone, anyway.)

I’m buying the Trader Joe’s Complete Body Cleanse and I plan on following their recommendations most fastidiously almost fastidiously.  Let me know in the comments section or on my Facebook page if you want to join.

Please note:  you don’t have to do this particular cleanse to join us.  Just have a plan and a goal and we can encourage each other.

  • I’ll provide you with a list of suggested foods to buy {printable}
  • I’ll make a menu which you can also print out
  • we’ll form a private Facebook group where we can daily, by-the-minute, encourage each other
  • I’ll have daily posts as we go through this together.

To let you know what you’re possibly getting into, here’s what the cleanse recommends as far as diet for the 14 days:

eat small, frequent, healthy (duh) meals

drink lots of water

reduce intake of:  processed foods, simple carbs, beef, pork, dairy, wheat, & soy

best to avoid: caffeine, alcohol, sugar, potatoes, saturated fats, trans fats, & artificial sweeteners

I plan to lose around 20 pounds.  I plan on that taking much longer than 14 days.  The initial cleanse will last 14 days and we can still have updates and participate in the Facebook group after that.

disclaimer:  I am not a dietician, doctor, or professional.  The information given here is from my point of view only.  Please don’t hesitate to research this information on your own.  Please also consult with a professional before altering your diet if you have known health concerns.  Thanks!

Please go to the Full Body Detox Page for all posts in this series.

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Christy can be found at the beach chasing naked toddlers and cheering on her young surfers. She founded One Fun Mom to share her imperfect life and encourage moms to love how God made them. She's delighted to have you join her and her fabulous writing team as you all journey closer to God and learn to love others through His example.

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  1. Hey, friend. I’ll be watching from afar. What I need is to exercise. Weight is good. Besides you had me at no coffee, no sugar AND no artificial sweetners. I will D.I.E. But I look forward to following your progress!
    Gaby recently posted..On teenagers…My Profile

    • no no no, I wrote: “it is best to AVOID those things…” :) From what I’ve heard, several people still drink their coffee, etc. I think maybe they won’t get AS clean or lose as MUCH weight, or something. We’ll see!

      (I plan on adding exercise, too! It will be good to have you!)

  2. DeAnna D says:

    I’d like to follow along although I don’t know what a Trader Joes diet is…I’ll be looking Trader Joes up next!

    • DeAnna, the Trader Joe’s cleanse I’m referring to is a series of vitamins you can buy in a box at the store. It’s 12.99 and accompanies the actual diet. Sorry I wasn’t clear!

      • DeAnna D says:

        I dont have a Trader Joes near me… Amazon has it for $24.99.. is there another online place to buy it other than amazon?

  3. OK…I might be in on this…vitamins make me feel kinda sick usually….I have to take them at night. I need to loose 20 pounds, if I could do it by August that would be awesome. Right now I’m doing weight watchers, and I’m glad you’re not doing that awful lemon juice cleanse thing…it sounds just …bad. Does this mean I have to give up Diet Pepsi.?? Oh and I better hurry up and eat the rest of the chocolate cake I have sitting upstairs :) Seriously…checking into the TJ thing now.
    Stephanie recently posted..Easter 2012My Profile

  4. Weight watchers is usually my go to diet. It has worked really well for me. But I would like to try this in combination. When are we starting?

  5. Julie Marie says:

    HI! I’m interested in doing the TJ’s total body cleanse with you. When are you starting? Does anyone know if this “cleanse” will chain you to the toilet?? Just had to ask….but my baby will be ONE in 6 days and I need to lose the last 10 lbs of baby dough!!!

    • Hi Julie! Welcome to the cleanse! We’ll start Monday! I haven’t actually done this cleanse yet, but I’ve read that it’s gentle. I hope that answers your question.

      • I’ll do it with y’all. I did a cleanse last Summer and dropped five pounds without any extra work. Now I’m avoiding the sweets and sugar and am finally back to the gym and feel like another cleanse might help me tackle the final five. I did a “gentle cleanse” last time and only had toilet issues the last two days. But nothing painful in the ole gut.

  6. I’m not on FB, but I would love the support and encouragement for something such as this. I know I have a candida problem that I need to get rid of and have been looking to detox, but have felt so overwhelmed and just don’t know where to begin. Can you share more about the vitamins? We don’t have a TJ anywhere near us, but I may be able to find something online. Also, my LO is 18mos now, but is still nursing, do you think it would be ok to do this or would you recommend waiting?

    • Cat, you can totally join us no matter what you do. The box says pregnant and nursing moms shouldn’t do this particular cleanse, but if you just want to watch what you eat and add exercise or make some sort of plan, you’re welcome to join us.

    • I have a candida problem too and I plan on starting my 2 week detox a week from tomorrow. :-/ I would have loved to join ya’ll though on Monday- except Monday is my daughters b’day and we will be eating out AND having dessert! Not a good time to start something! Best of luck!
      Erika @ Slowly Natural recently posted..Are you different?My Profile

  7. Christy, I would love to try this with you! Hopefully Tim and I can get to tj this weekend.

  8. OK, I’m in if we’re starting on Monday.
    Stephanie recently posted..Easter 2012My Profile

  9. Just finished nursing and am ready to get this weight off. I’m eating clean now so this sounds like a perfect addition. Thanks for getting us going Christy!

  10. I need some accountability. This sounds great!
    Jodi recently posted..Do You Need to Unsubscribe?My Profile

  11. Heading to Nashville tomorrow – will be picking up the cleanse! So excited! This will be my first cleanse.

  12. Oh wow! What a great idea. I’ll be cheering for you!
    Leigh Ann @ Intentional By Grace recently posted..Comment on 20 Minute Meals: Giving Weary Chefs Grace While Keeping Families Healthy Needs a Cover by RachelMy Profile

  13. I would love to join! We are missionaries in Uganda…so obviously no Trader Joe’s nearby!! I’ve lost 50 lbs in a little over a year and have started faithfully exercising this week. But I’d love to lose the last 10-15 lbs!

    How do I join the facebook group?

    • Wow Kelly, 50 pounds is awesome! You’ll have to tell us what you did. I’ll give directions for the Facebook group on Saturday.

      • Ummm…..I live in Uganda where there isn’t a lot of processed food. It’s really hot. And we walk SO much. lol! I didn’t diet or anything. I just lived and lost weight! :)

        • You made me laugh, Kelly! I’ve never been to Uganda, but I’ve lived in Indonesia for a short time where you also walk a lot and it’s terribly hot and humid much of the year. I think I lost 15 pounds just living too!

  14. I’m in! I won’t be doing the detox, since I’m still nursing, but I’ve been actively trying to exercise more and eat more healthfully. Still been a challenge. Kind of blew it the last 2 days!!
    Sidetracked Sarah recently posted..Our Annual Easter CelebrationMy Profile

  15. If you’re interested in joining the Facebook group go to this post: http://www.onefunmom.com/2012/04/join-the-facebook-group/

  16. I found this blog recently. How did everyone do with the detox? I am planning on beginning Monday. Please fill me in with some feedback :) thank you!

    • Welcome Jenna! I lost 8 pounds all together and felt a lot cleaner. The “clean” feeling is what people reported the most. What you lose and how good you feel depends on how well you stick to the guidelines, but I think altogether it’s a good start to losing weight. You can browse through the other posts on the weight loss and if you’re interested, send an email to christy at one fun mom dot com and I can add you to the facebook encouragement group we still have going. :)

  17. Shannon Loveless says:

    I would love to join everyone!! I like some other ladies don’t have a Trader Joe’s near me =( Is it something that I could find maybe at a GNC or other store?

    • Hi Shannon! You can probably find something similar to this at GNC, and I’m pretty sure others bought something similar through Amazon. We have finished the firstsomeone detox but some of the ladies will do a second. I’ll email you regarding joining our facebook group!


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