The Godzilla of Marshmallows

Our recent camping trip was a smashing success. We’ll definitely be going again this year. Hopefully multiple times. I plan on posting quite a bit more on camping and how to do so, but for now I’ll give you my humble opinion on a subject near and dear to my heart: the marshmallow.

By now you might have noticed that I seem to have an affinity for marshmallows.  I use them in my attempts at behavior modification.  I also add them to oatmeal in emergencies.  And I make a mean oven s’more.  I’ve also tried my hand at s’mores stuffed chocolate chip cookies. You might call me a professional marshmallow-er.

These particular marshmallows were the highlight of the trip according to Daniel.

child with campfire marshmallow


You’ll note that the “Campfire” marshmallows are as large as a child’s fist.  As here demonstrated. They’re very exciting.

Here’s a Campfire marshmallow completely dwarfing a mini marshmallow, and mostly dwarfing a regular sized chocolate swirl one.

The boys were super in love with them and I’m glad we tried ’em.   But I probably won’t buy them again.  They’re altogether too huge.  Can you believe it?  A marshmallow that’s too big?

Here’s why being too big can be a sad thing for a marshmallow:

  1. they’re unwieldy on the end of the roaster and you perpetually feel like they’re going to fall off.
  2. it takes a lot of talent and patience to actually roast them all the way through
  3. they completely overwhelm the graham cracker and chocolate when you make a s’more (can that be singular? or is it always to be referred to as a s’mores?)
  4. they don’t taste as good as regular marshmallows.

That said, I’m glad we tried them.  I just thought you should be aware of the risks you’re taking when buying them.

But you should definitely get them for the novelty.  And because your kids will beg you.

And let me know the verdict.

I’d like to take this moment to say: have I been living in a cave?  When did all of these marshmallow options surface?  There are the godzilla marshmallows, the originals, the chocolate-vanilla, the caramel-swirl, what am I missing?  Who knew marshmallows could be so marketable?


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  1. I’m glad you tried them first!! I saw them again today…and thought…should I…? I will, but I’ll wait until we go camping :)

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