In the Garden

We had visions of a huge garden this year, but necessary travel on Charlie’s part kept us from using the whole side yard to plant veggies. Instead, we settled for a small area in front of the kitchen windows. Charlie had a very limited window of time in which to plant, and as it turned out, God had weather plans that didn’t suit our needs. Anyway, he ended up spending the major part of a day getting the ground ready and fertilizing and planting in the rain. What a guy!!Daddy and his helpers before the weather turned ugly – this was in May.
Charles and Daniel missed the fun since they were still napping, but Thomas got to join Daddy in the rain!

The fruits of their labor. What a wonderful garden this has been. We are up to our ears in zucchini. I’ve made lots of zucchini bread, and grated and frozen the zucchini I can’t use so I can make the bread this winter. I plan on making tomato sauce this week. We’ve had lots of fresh salsa made from our tomatoes and jalapenos. Also crook-neck squash. I’m using basil to flavor everything. And we look forward to more bell peppers any day. It’s a small space, but Charlie put it to good use!

…hard workers…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful garden! We had good intentions this year…but they never came to fruition. I will share this with James for inspiration. Happy harvesting :)


  2. How wonderful! It's amazing how a small space could produce so much. I can't wait to start a garden next year!

  3. be_a_Mary says:

    YAY you finally posted pics of the garden!! I was MAJORLY impressed when I saw it. GO charlie!! And how fun for the boys too!

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